The search for the unknown continues…

groping in the dark ,

fumbling in the blues,

walking forth in light,

ahead lies a horizon,

a mirage…

an illusion,

a hallucination …

which moves away and vanishes,

as I try to touch

with my fingers…

The colored  sky envelopes ,

speaking volumes of mute varsity,

reflecting  images of the world,

unknowingly …

I  think again,

how would be

 my tryst with destiny…

Destiny which like a veiled maiden,

conceals  her gorgeous face,

playing hide and seek

with  enchanting eyes,

whenever I try to find her trace ,

Through the golden mist,

She becomes obscure

the unknown search continues…forever.




47 thoughts on “DESTINY

  1. So long as you seek destiny in the sky it will remain veiled, obscure and unknown. Look within, seek with your spirit at the lotus feet of your creator and you will find your destiny and all the unsolved mysteries of life. Good poem!

    1. Thank you Udo! It was really soothing to hear your thoughts and believe me I too have the same.These lines were just written out of context. I just wrote whatever flowed in then,without thinking

  2. Beautiful rhythms found alive in your words and you image a delight to embrace. your words always move me dear sister. What is unknown is always before us, but what is inside of us is always near…and i treasure that beauty within you that comes to life in your words and your poems! God bless Soumyav, and much love always to you my sister!

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