Millions of stars weep today in this hour of sleep,

when drops of tear drench the  soul,

twinkle of the hope gets  bleak,

for  in this moment the time freezes ,

when you move out of my sphere…

Letting your hands go off my hold,

your touch dampens my sense,

My heart echoes with your words,

“I have to leave you my love ,

bereaved and bereft.”

Dispersed are the shards of my heart,

loosely in  the air,

flinging across thousand oceans ,

colourless and lovelorn…

My feelings will now be buried within,

the pristine thoughts  shall  be entombed,

for my voice can never reach you …

Only my verses will  live forever.




45 thoughts on “SHARDS

  1. George Ellington

    It does feel this way, doesn’t it? A shattering outward, a contracting within. Like the heart itself, the lungs, the tissue of this being–expanding and contracting. A sign of the life that yet courses through this frame. Yet nothing of the life within. The heart can beat and beat and yet never be seen, never be sensed, not even by those for whom it truly beats. Until one stops to ponder–why does it beat at all. There is purpose in this life, yes? There is meaning in this heart. It is a joy to all of us here that you have chosen to share yours with us.

  2. For me it’s the last line. – Only my verses will live forever. I keep coming back to this line again and again.

    Indeed your verses will live forever. 🙂

    Such a beautiful, beautiful poem.

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