Its time to thank everyone who has nominated me for several awards in the last few days. The love which we get here in form of such awards is always a treat and spreads a sweet smile everytime we receive it.

.Many thanks to Hira

A sincere simple voice that echoes sweetly through her words.


The straight forward girl with her conviction in self,the voice of today which is sometimes soft,sometimes tough.


Find the intricacies of each corner of India through his beautiful expressions.he paints a picture of every place perfectly in his poems.


Hear the normal thoughts,ideas of a young man from his love to his experiences.


Just dnt dare to open your mouth,she will start checking your teeth 🙂 ! a dentist and a sweet girl having umpteen dreams.

For nominating me for different  awards!



These  awards have different set of rules but I would like to combine all here and quickly tell few points about myself,(as you  all know almost everything about me by now)

I would nominate the following bloggers for the awards!


And the most influential blog award , I pass onto the voice of the spirit ,that Sheri speaks through,which is in itself an illumination in itself!


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More Love…Another Award!.

Back with a Bang. 😀.

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