Beneath the lush green branch of a tree,

a life got shelter from the sweltering heat,

scorched in the desolate wastelands,

the soul revived under the soothing  leaves!

Sprinkling drops of drizzle ,

watered the surface,

lying barren till now,

sheaths of grass  sprouted  with grace!

Shadow a life ! for you never know,

Your small gesture would rejuvenate it as whole,

Infusing life into the dreaded soul,

Birthing new hopes of splendor!

Worthiest virtue ,

an act of kindness,

gives a new life to the extinct humaneness!



32 thoughts on “KINDNESS

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    1. Frankly Eric! I wished to express a small gesture of kindness in any form can turn a person of any intelligence level,or a person who gets trampled by situations who is more or like a moron in mind and heart can get transformed with the imbibed faith or support .

      1. I guess this could be a cultural vocabulary difference, but in American English this term is meant to be offensive toward another person. It was once used long ago in a classification system of psychology, but that system is no longer in use. The term’s meaning has changed drastically. If I were to say to someone in the U.S., “You are a moron!”, it is the equivalent of saying “You are Stupid!” or “You are an Ignoramus!”.

  1. Sharing a kindness is so very priceless, no value can be placed on it, as it’s impact lasts for an eternity for it feeds a soul God’s sweet power of love! Excellent poem my sister…so wonderful to read and embrace! God bless!

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