Valentine's Day Flowers


Hi everyone,


I published today my first Ebook “Winds of Philia”,a collection of love poems . On the eve of Valentine’s day nothing was more special than publishing the passionate romantic verses in form of a book. I dedicate the book to the soul of my life,Aniruddha!


Hope you all will also enjoy and feel the depth of emotions that my poems render through their immaculate feelings.


The Ebook is available on smashwords and soon will be on other distribution channels.


Below is the link to it:




My best wishes and love to each one of you,





48 thoughts on “E book – “WINDS OF PHILIA”

      1. thanks Soumaya … ur words are always beautiful … sure coming from a beautiful soul. again i m so happy for you. A printed book is so close for sure… and may be awards 🙂 who knows… keep t up my friend.

  1. OMG.. Soumya.. That’s so awesome! Hearty hearty congrats.. Am sure it’ll be a gem just like all your verses are. Wish you many more books in future too.. And a Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂

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