“As a beautiful flower,

you blossom diffusing  fragrances

dipped in the essence of ardor,

I reckon you are my love…

sparkling like a jewel .


a diamond you’re,

you reflect such a persona,

Iam mesmerized by the glitter,

the lustre of your aura…

 a smile bedecks your beauty

adorning your persona.


I get hypnotized

by your passion

 in your thoughts I drown,

wishing  to be your desire,

like a lover of your dreams….”

Beauty in Contrast
(Photo credit: deep shot)

O ! my soulful heart! O!  the gentle  breeze! 

Impart my love to her!

She is the soothing caress, for my  anguished nerve…


56 thoughts on “HIS LOVE SONG!

      1. I am so sorry for this so late visit , I actually I want to see your posts daily as I really admire and love them …my wordpress Reader and some other things sometimes create hurdles 😀

  1. Awww.. what a love song and what passion.. The last stanza hypnotized me too with the beautiful words.. 🙂 Awesome as always, Soumya.. And did you notice the shape of your poem.. Looks like a woman to me.. 😉

  2. The aroma of closeness, the words of ardour, and the thoughts that draw – how can I resist my senses – how can I resist these words.

    Another beauty, Soumya. Well done indeed.

    🙂 Eric 🙂

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