” Like a gentleman,I would wait until you think of giving  up yourself “,he uttered

I smiled and grinned to say,”such a day will never come,you keep on waiting till death takes me away”.

“What makes you say such strong harsh words,breaking my dreams and lie in clutter,

Do you not wait for the same ,yearning to be my damsel in distress?”


“I do “,I said,but not in such a  way,

I want to be  like a princess  who walks through the aisle,

who gloriously can gleam with a shine in her eyes,

convince herself that he is the one who can fill her void sighs.


Silence prevailed ,dew drops shined,on the leaves the moonlight smiled,

traversing to the land where she realized the thought,

the next morn came and she lay like a dead corpse!





24 thoughts on “THE PROPOSAL

  1. OMG! This is a fantastic writing! It’s short, tight, and well described. Poor lady, she never saw the next morn but only on the other side. What inspired this, Soumyav?

  2. Is there a prologue to this verse that I have missed, Soumyav? What otherwise could have led to the sudden demise of this beautiful damsel, so full of dreams for the morrow?


    1. NO Shakti!! you didn’t miss any prologue ! It is left to the reader to decide whether she actually died,or gave up to him or she was on verge of dying or its just a metaphor that she was lying in peace!

  3. Awww.. Heartbreaking yet so beautiful and mystical. I like the idea of lying in peace and interpret it as she let him move on while her search is on. Wonderful post, Soumya.

  4. Arre hadd ho gayi 🙂 I love happy endings and this seems to be like an anticlimax in that regard 😛
    This might be the first short story I have read in a long long time. Good effort !

    1. :-):-) sometimes I should also go for an opposite trend of mine! so in form of an end without details,I left it,it,its upto you now,to translate the meaning! 🙂

      1. It is open ended- that I know. But with the backdrop you had built ,and “like a” dead corpse, I did not know what to conclude! Perplexing. It definitely had my attention 🙂

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