A cold gust of air always followed when she walked past .She was known for her composed nature and for being an introvert.Thick glasses,unkempt hair tied into a bun,strange peculiar crisscross patterned dresses, she always made a joke of herself,but no one dared to laugh at her due to her strict nature.Anyone could just hate her.

Yesterday she traveled to Paris for a weekend training program .Everyone was shocked to see her name on the list,how could she be selected for such a prestigious fashion program?Her companion a handsome man in thirties, outspoken and elegant walked beside making  every onlooker fall for him.

After the welcome message and a casual dinner,the guests were shown way to their rooms and informed about the schedule of the events starting from early morning, the very next day.

The lights were dimmed,chandeliers slept,wind chimes played the soft tunes of melody.

A soft touch glowed her like a glow-fly.In the silhouette,beautiful cascade flowed with aromatic perfume,the satin created magic when it covered the feel alike skin nearby,
the hard rough outline  melted into a smooth silky image. The molten bosom amalgamated into his arms.He whispered ,” I have discovered my nymph melting in depths of my time.”


(PHOTOCREDIT:google images)


Crude and rough it was,

cut and polished diamond,

bedecked the royal crown…

This post is for the HAIBUN challenge.

The Līgo Haībun Challenge ~ Prompt ”Melt”.



  1. Ah! What a masterpiece you’ve created, Soumya.. Love the narration and her journey. And her look and place suited her. So magical and dreamy. Excellent piece.. 🙂

      1. awwww you’re too kind… thank you so much. you’re a fantastic poet. now if you’ll excuse me, i’ll tend to my ears coz they’re positively ringing with delight from your compliments ^^

  2. Powerful messages there, and I really like the metamorphosis idea. Beauty, yes in the eye of the beholder, but also how we can bring the best out of each other. Wonderful descriptions! Thank you so much for your lovely entry Soumyav!

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