Sitting on a perch,

a remarkably red ruby bird,

singing her tunes

to the world,

oblivious of anyone who hears,

enjoys the glimpses of nature,

swinging on her favourite branch

Admire her

or walk off,

she speaks the language

of happiness on earth.




25 thoughts on “THE RED BIRD!

  1. They push me all d time, dey don’t let me apt her n try soaring free, dey don’t let me stand n watch, n I just dont want to walk away…thanx for sharing dis peice…means a lot to me…

  2. Soumyav, this reminds me of the old question – why does the caged bird sing – because she has a song. What a blessing we enjoy through the voice given to nature by a Divine LOVE. Beautiful. ~ Love, Bobbie

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