Embraced your absence with fragrance of my soul,

I lived every moment in flowers of zephyr,

those which coloured my colourless sight,

their essence  filled my heart’s  nectar…


With open arms I welcomed,

the   gentle wind that traveled 

absorbed within the feel of you,

it sprayed the mist of your presence.


Beside the shores where i walked,

the setting sun smiled and laughed,

for the waves came kissed me goodbye,

and i still awaited your sight…


Enthralling night ,the moon shone high,

I sat with noises of turbulent sighs,

The smoke of the chimney rose ,

The saucepan burnt ….






27 thoughts on “SMOKE!

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  1. I HATE being so distracted you burn what ever your cooking… I usually have great composure but if I burn dinner you KNOW something’s wrong.

    1. 🙂 🙂 thts really good u know I wanted to add one more line in the last…” saying the pan burns waiting for your fish,my fisherman! 😉

      1. 🙂 I think that’s where a good woman can’t hide her problems! I’ll be happy when I won’t be cooking anymore! All of my secrets will be safe forever!

  2. As always so beautifully penned Soumya ji! A very usual chore in our daily lives- standing beside and chimney and getting lost in amazingly different thoughts and emotions while preparing meal! Yet your words made it so unusually romantic!
    And yes, one more thing I’ve to say- Your picture sense which you attach with your poems are just BANG ON!!! 🙂
    Keep going!!! You’re blessed!

    1. Wow! 🙂 so many beautiful compliments .its great to read all that what you say Trisha! I actually starte dit on a romantic note but amusingly ended it as a normal routine… kind of seen as a metaphor too! and thank u again for liking the pictures too. 🙂

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