This verse defines the emotions which I have noticed and experienced  in a great devotee!



Tears of joy  trickle down endlessly,

My tender heart weeps in elation and ecstasy

for my Divine father bestowed on me,

Few petals of his selfless love

to let me discover my bliss and prosperity.


My world revolves around his epitome,

His personification exuberantly profound,

What words shall I have in his praise,

Thy lord is beyond any great man’s imaginative cage.


Embodied as a mere human,

Thy suffer and grieve like a normal being,

But where shall thou hide the aura,

the light of which enlightens

the weakened and fallen ,

the luminescence illuminates the darkness within.


Iam blessed,


to be in the circle

of your divine grace.




23 thoughts on “DIVINE FATHER!

  1. Our understanding of self should begin with the knowledge that we are divine, that we are unique, that we are loved. Beautifully done, Soumyav. ~ Love, Bobbie

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