colored pastels stroke a brush…

on the canvas of the earth…

appeared beautiful panoramic shine,

bedecking the land of the wild…

magnificent art on display,

glance around to see the play,

different hues dance in grace,

mesmerized is the onlooker’s gaze…


emblazoned the horizon gets,

dawn to dusk

a different sketch,

tinges of the golden presence…

flora benignant ,sweet and elating,

daffodils,lilies,roses and jasmines,

myriad designs

entrancing and  captivating .


vigilant beauty

O! what a splendour!

vastness immense,

magically  grandeur…

14 thoughts on “BEAUTY IN GRANDEUR !

  1. ………Absolutely beautiful, Soumyav. Nature is indeed the surest means for intoxication…….for there, we view our own immortality, and proof of love beyond our means to understand. Lovely work. ~ Always love, Bobbie

    1. Yes Bobbie! its in nature that we can reside our emotions and can discover much more,the intensity of the beauty is unparalleled and eternal.wish we observe and delve more into this beautiful facet of life.

  2. Ah, the “myriad designs”, just like the tapestry woven in the chambers of the heart. A visual treat you have blessed us all (on this post!). I like your brand of ink….mine is becoming too drivel these days. Cheers.

    1. What a way to praise the “myriad”,the words you use dnt show your drivel instead reflect more passion about the topics you read! love to you Shaheen! for being here!

      1. Am surprised our paths didn’t across earlier – though I am glad we discovered each other’s galaxy and the humanness in being human for the writings we share both respectively and collectively…Aakhir yehi hai zindagi jahan ilm aur creativity share kar saktey hai, meri dost. Lots of love.

        1. very true Shaheen! the world away from the real but still having the essence of the reality ,which is the main drive behind the running of life.Iam also happy to come across you “better late than never” 🙂

    1. Thank you for getting into the depth of the real beauty of nature.It indeed remains” vigilant” on our actions,dispositions,course inspite of being a delicate natural beauty herself!

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