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In the middle of the desert,

I stand alone,

amidst the whirling sands of time,

in shape of turbulent sandstorm,

eroding the particles to distant zones…


How far they reach! where from they arrive!

Hitherto was a blanket quiet ,

sometimes cool ,sometimes hot,

where silent golden specks slept,

under the vast expanse .


I gaze in awe ,

I get surprised,

I get frightened…

Standing alone…

in the middle of the desert.


I smile for a while,

I weep in anguish,

I cry in pain,

Still I stand alone…

in the middle of the desert!


Grains of sand  get blown away,

along my sides with friction,

leaving me standing alone…

in the middle of the desert!


Can I get my moment back,

lost in this golden sands,

when I won’t have to

stand alone ..

come whatever can!


32 thoughts on “ALONE

  1. Nobody would want to feel that way.. But some times by being alone one gets their greatest strength.. The emotions come pouring out with this one.. Lovely lines, Soumya.

  2. Piercingly honest. Feelings of angst and silent surrender creates a lasting impression in this poem. I like your ‘ink’. Cheers.

      1. In between the cracks and crevices, there is a womb of resilience – especially at roughness. Lots of love.

  3. I became little emotional while reading these lines, dunno why? Is that becoz of the melodious song tha’s playing as a background-score? Not really. Hey, it touches me. By the way desert is a perfect metaphor!! 🙂

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