Of the whispers that I hear

in music of the wind,

beckoning me!

To fields of swaying joy

under the open sky,

I breathe gayly…

In blithe I close my eyes,

to listen

to your gentle voice…

Amidst the green meadow,

a butterfly comes beside,

to touch and kiss me

a sweet lullaby…

I discover you

in the melody

of  its hummed song…

I get absorbed

and soak my heart

in  memories

of your love.

28 thoughts on “UNDER THE SKY !

  1. The thoughts are so gentle and yet powerful. Having a quiet moment to just listen to the breeze or to ‘feel’ what cannot be felt in a fast-paced world — it can be life-changing sometimes.

  2. Captivating. Lovely. ❤

    N a special like for the image that u've uploaded here.

    One more thing (sorry if i am wrong), in the 6th line is it "gayly" or "gaily" ? 🙂

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