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With  the  advent  of winter , the chilled wind  brought

  Memories  of  the old  snowballs,

Thrown  and  caught  with  excitement….

With me ,you  and  few friends  to  play on!


The soft softies  that  melted  slowly  within,

 Freezing  and  numbing  our voice,

as  we licked  and  

Still  the  fun never went  dim…










In the woods where we walked ,

Many times we got deserted  and lost,

Screaming and  yelling  each other’s name,

We often got reunited  in minutes of forlorn ….


The street to the downtown goes  straight,

Often  reminds  of  our innumerable games ,

 Cycling to the end of the world,

We dreamt …

“We would never separate”, we claimed…


The golden ,silvery chilling days…

Are now gone and are  lost ,

in the sands of time  …

like  the morning white frost!


The softy in my hand melts  away ,

The street looks lonely without  our games,

Often  now when  we  are lost ,

There’s  no one to shout and  beckon forth.


Those  days of innocent  childhood,

Which  had  different colors  of hue,

Shall never be back again,

Once vanished in the blue…



26 thoughts on “THE SOFTY MELTS AWAY!

    1. Iam glad this brought you back memories of your some of the good times of childhood Jasmine! hope u r child has a beautiful childhood and u will fill his memories with more joy! which u have missed!

  1. Sweet memories! Beautifully done Soumyav! I was entertaining changing my blog site to the one you have also chosen it brings the life of the words and the images shared to life. It looks really good!

  2. Lovely lines., Soumya. Reminiscing the childhood.. Softy is still my favorite. 🙂 It’s so strange that as a kid all you want is to grow up and behave like adults. And as an adult all one can ever wish and hope is to go back to relive those childhood days!

  3. I felt a smile reading this….brought back some fond childhood memories…riding bikes and licking softy…yummmm. I have never experienced snow, though i wish i could.
    Your poetry is too cute! 🙂

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