A beautiful  flower once found itself,

growing amidst a bunch of weeds,

on a land of stale air,

with pungent smell suffocating…


“How do I live here, ” it said,

When I hail  from an enchanting world,

Being  away from my base,

In a different negative atmosphere….


Pondering  again  for a while,

It thought of  fighting with full strive,

secreting sweet  aromatic essence,

it tried to displace the foul air…


Stronger it remained with its will,

dispersing tranquil serene appeal,

even in diverse conditions of survival,

 disseminating in the zephyr fragrance pristine…

32 thoughts on “FIGHT AGAINST THE ODDS!

  1. Oooh.. I so love this one as much as I love the title. And it is so relatable to the real world around us too. The strong willed and determined ones withstand all odds.

  2. Yes, a flower is a flower. We must be content to grow where we are planted… Beauty can be found in any place, whether a flower, a poem or a person… Thank you, Soumya. You are one such flower… 🙂 Eric

  3. …But, may I ask you that will this struggle really dispense hope? The real struggle should not be to displace the present status but to remain true to oneself being in the current milieu hmm? Furthermore, from a silly Utopian point view, why I act like I am so superlative in class negating the surroundings as merely weeds, we really want such classifications?

    I love the perspective, though 🙂

    1. Its not discriminating others like weeds..its about the thought process,the narrow minded ness and the flower always knows wher eit stands,so humbly it accepts and tries to change the atmosphere. Rather than bullying or dominating. But that doesnt delete the fact that other are weeds in comparison to it.

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