Like colours of  the sky

is my heart..

reflecting every moment …

 a different art!

A mosaic of paintings

within the enclosure,

brushed with thoughts,

coloured with imaginations…



Varied designs form

As in a kaleidoscope,

the innumerable patterns

get shaped…

Like a prowess,

It displays exotic images,

Giving power and courage,

to fulfill the envisage!


28 thoughts on “ART IN MY HEART!

  1. you r fortunate to have seen so many colors of heart but i say that there r still infinite possibilities to see something more, keep it open and let it blossom you life with unconditional love.

  2. This is one difficult poem to comprehend. I understand it, linguistically but not-so-much in other ways. And, when I do not understand things well- I admit it 😉
    You are getting better Soumya. Keep it up

    1. Thanks Tatsat! Nothing so difficult about it ..just reflects the variety of emotions and feelings a heart feels and innumerable colours of the sky and the various designs of the kaleidoscope….these are beautiful ones which are artistic and unique. such is the art in my heart

  3. By chance i have seen your blog fortunately.Very much glad to read your poems quite Awesome. The way you expressed every stanza and creativity from natures view is all very wonderful and natural empathy. You are Blessed.
    I wish you All the Best.

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