Like a burning wood!

Like a burning wood,

I remain ablaze,

providing warmth to the death of life,

which froze in the chilled air ,

of living and survival fight….


Ignited  once,

I glow brightly,

lighting the way …

of the dark dream…

with a ray of hope I continue…

burning more vigorously.


Like the burning wood,

I knoweth not,what holds me,

and what blazes my wood ,

Enkindled I was born ,

my purpose is to keep it

burning in the dark…


Charred at corners

I sometimes  get,

Still radiantly shining as a coal,

But the eternal flame

within brightens more,

as it sees the divine door…

Like a burning wood ..

I want to burn…

amidst the lives  of  thousand lores…

(photo:google images)



35 thoughts on “Like a burning wood!

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  2. Manu Kurup

    Reminds me about the story of a hero in Greek Mythology were his life was dependent upon a burning piece of firewood. Beautiful. 🙂

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