A plant beside I had seen,

growing into a magnificent tree,

Years of endurance reflecting,

in the  hurricanes unseen!

Small and delicate when  it was,

it bent for a minute …

to let pass the turbulent storm…

through its gaps and its ends …

without breaking in any form…

While growing it became mightier,

trunk sturdy…

branches heavier,

it stood there in the scorching sun,

bearing the heat … to become the tougher one!

It now has an audacious presence,

shadowing refuge…

sheltering feared senses,

no tempest now can bend a branch,

Intrepid ,dauntless it stands to watch!

Alas! Mankind never learnt …

How to survive from a tornado!

Crumbled it gets to pieces …

When the glass of dreams get shattered! 


37 thoughts on “THE MAGNIFICENT TREE

  1. well Soumya, i did wrote a poem about a tree but didnt publish it yet and it is in Arabic .. strange how our ideas and thoughts are talking >> i think this is called telepathy
    nice poem as usual … thank you.

  2. What a stark reality your last stanza brought up.. Mankind’s quest to withstand tornadoes and natural calamities alike..
    Loved the way you described the journey of a tree from being a plant!

      1. drsuraiyanasim

        🙂 🙂 🙂
        I was sorely missing your poems dear. May this year bring lots of joy, care and health to you and your family….ameen!

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  4. Trisha Dey

    Beautiful and inspiring! Life goes on even when dreams shatter but one must be strong 2 survive! I am loving your poems! 🙂

  5. Your poem made me remember how…peaceful and energizing at the same time trees are. To lean against a hundred years old one….or even no so old. Or to wrap my arams around and just let the energy of nature to take me over.

  6. Lovely Poem. Yes, Human beings need to learn lot of lessons from this silent service providers called trees. A word about the pic, a good catch, hey, who photographed it? You, or else pl. give the credit line. I invite you to read my blog about this wonderful and amazing being! called Trees.
    Thanks for sharing
    Keep inform
    Best Regards

  7. Eh,if only peope realized the importance of nature…Right indeed,there are things we could learn from trees.For starters though,we need to stop cutting them down first!

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