A beautiful day dawns and brings  me joyous moments!

First Iam nominated yet again by Sherri ,this time for a sweet award!Yes the award is sweet and delicious as its name!


Also I got 500 READERS FOLLOWING  my blog and the number excludes facebook and twitter ones! This asks for a cheers to all the ones who have inspired me and encouraged me all through my way to reach here along with many others.


A big thanks to Autumn and Gabrielle Sunshine! They were the first people to encourage me and my first award was from them! 

About Sherri! her blog is the reflection of truth and inspiration that we tend to ignore and neglect! The real essence in simple words is what  we can get on her blog! http://theothersideofugly.wordpress.com

Rules for me:

I have to tell 7 things about myself

Pass on the award to  other sweet bloggers!

  • Iam fond of music and specially have a bent for melody !
  • Iam a great lover of nature and love almost everything that is around me.The tiny and common things in nature inspire me.
  • Iam spiritual by nature .
  •  I have written more than 450 poems in the last year!
  • There are thousands of thoughts going in my mind every minute when Iam free. 
  • Iam an emotional and sensitive  person yet in tough situations Iam composed and stronger.
  • Whatever positive is about me ,I feel is due to innumerable experiences I had in life ,which led me to be of a compassionate nature and  I believe this is because of God.

And the sweet bloggers are:

1. Jasmine  http://jasminekylesings.wordpress.com

2.Nightlake   http://nightlake.wordpress.com

3.Pankaj      http://pankajsarkar12.wordpress.com

4.Esenga     http://esengasvoice.wordpress.com

5.Ramu        http://www.ramudas.wordpress.com

6.Subhabrata  http://subhabratadasgupta.wordpress.com

7.Manu        http://manuskurup.wordpress.com

8. Muzer http://randommusings.wordpress.com

and let me introduce you to a very new blogger but a person of beautiful words! 

9. Pulkit.http://pulkitthesagi.wordpress.com

Beautiful Blogger and Super Sweet Award – UPDATED.


  1. wow, congratulation soumya !
    yesterday I’ve also complated a year on wordpress.com .
    i love to be with friends like you. I tell about your awesome and lovely poems you post everyday to my friends.
    This is really beautiful blessing you are blessed with that you come up with lovely poems everyday. 🙂

    1. Sure I will. over packed for now..within few days I shall be..but one thing theres problm in commenting on your posts.. it doesnt accept in english

  2. Congratulations!! The award is well deserved because you are a super-duper sweet person I have met in the blogosphere. Wish you more such awards in the future. 🙂

    And yes, I’m very happy to find my name amongst the nominees. Thank you! 🙂

  3. Hearty Congratzz Soumya and thanks for thinking of me for this award! 🙂 And you sure are an apt fit for the award.. 🙂
    And congrats on 500. Wow. That’s so awesome! Way to go.. 🙂
    And OMG.. 450 poems in a year.. Phew! How amazing is that? You truly are an inspiration like I always say.. Keep at it! 🙂

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