Beautiful notes of flute travelled through the woods,

piercing the hard trunks,echoing through roots,

I stood and looked around… searching the originating sound!

Fragranced musk filled the ambiance,

mystifying and hypnotising every soul gratia…

The forest soon became fluorescent,

glowing with utmost radiance,

flashing whiteness diverging with brilliance,

What a moment of  absolute magnificence!

Glued I was to the earth,

But seemed I soared high above,

Having the view of the whole world,

in the split second of the universe!

Looked like I was in an illusion,

I started running towards the open air,

the melody still followed me,

and  the perfumed air I breathed!

I stopped and  stargazed everywhere,

The aura was serene and tranquil,

Ecstatic I was in that moment,

For I could feel the divine everywhere!






40 thoughts on “DIVINITY!

  1. The divine one always surrounds those he loves because of their pure hearts and spirits! So beautifully written, i am quite sure that you always make Him to smile with the words you share to lift everyones who reads them! Beautiful Soumyav!

  2. As like I’ve been in a lovely visual travelogue 🙂 while I was reading it. Hmm. Written it beautifully.

    But, one doubt: why can’t we just experience the divine everywhere instead of feel the divine??

    1. One has to feel the divine before experiencing it! and for that when all the senses find divinity in everything around us, keeping aside the logic,we may feel it.

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