Sweep aside the fears with the broom of your hope,

let the breeze bring in more flowers of joy with her,

sprinkling over the path , diffusing fragrance all over…


Wipe away the tears and the bad times off your heart,

Let the new morning bring a golden light dawned,

Spreading brightness in minds ,illuminating the dark ones…



Join the lines of nature amidst the chaotic world,

Let the surrounding fill in your life with serene air,

Balancing the differential  tides at any temperature…


Paint your imaginations with more colours of wisdom,

let the season bring in the freshness in large measures,

resonating the atmosphere with happiness and pleasure…


Dream of  a beautiful picture 

On the plain canvas of your life,

May God complete the image…

With his perfect envision and

make it divine !








31 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!

  1. Wonderful wishes for the coming year!
    I am really glad we have “met” through blogosphere but I still do hope you will decide to include Latvia in your travel plans one day. 🙂
    Happy New Year to you and your family, my dear friend.

    1. Sure dear! my world has extended from north pole to south pole now! shall surely plan ! Thanks for your wishes and you too have a lovely wonderful sweet new year filled wth joy!

        1. there is a mindset and that helps us to forget the old bad things and start for new better ones! a demarcation line perhaps for everyone to hold a goal!

          1. I do agree with that 🙂 But, Sorry for arguing 🙂 Why do we really need all these classifications N categorisation under the banner Year, Month, Days N all? I think, time never exists whereas we exist. I am time 🙂 I am space.

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