From the darkness of minds where we are perishing,

lead us to love and light,

with the rope of trust and faith,

bring us out of the ravine…


Enough !!! We have been shaken,

by the tremors of the savaged creatures,

lift everyone of us …

from this drenching muck !


When nothing in the existence

can propel the change,

A thought from the conscience ,

shall pave the way…

Make us strong and courageous…

To face this brutality ..

and challenge its game!


38 thoughts on “PULL OUT !

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  1. “Make us strong and courageousโ€ฆ

    To face this brutality ..

    and challenge its game!”

    …From the heart and soul…
    when words are failed to be uttered….
    let thee listen through our heart and soul

  2. Your words are reaching, reaching, reaching for the heart. Brutal, loving, tender, lifting, mending. Let us mend more with each successive generation. ๐Ÿ™‚ Eric

  3. Amen to that.. I do hope and pray that 2013 carves a new path for mankind where people are more understanding towards each other and other’s respect is of utmost value! The mindset of people needs to be overhauled completely!
    So wonderfully you’ve summed it, Spumya. I love it!

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