With utmost courage I stand up again,

after falling down the steps,

While on my way to the topmost floor,

of the tallest building known!

The stairs were slippery

and so was the floor,

glazing, reflecting, dazzling

with light more …

While alighting I looked around,

to the enrapturing scene profound,

desires started triggering ,

to possess  every possible thing…

that lay beside the lone staircase,

on walls and ceilings shining  blaze…

And for a second my gaze shifted,

from the steps …

and I slipped and lay flabbergasted!

Stumbling and slipping down,

tripping and tumbling  to the ground…

hurt ,bruised,

strains in self,

I got myself  curled …

and stood  up again!

With a pain and ache within,

of mind,body and spirit!

The fall reminded me every-time,

of the anguish that

was only mine,

So determined and resolved I became,

To walk and achieve the final aim,

without being distracted anymore,

to reach my predestined floor! 

22 thoughts on “SLIPPED !

    1. Thank you Wendell for the concern! but it isn’t anything that happened or I slipped ,just a metaphor I used to depict the way we slip off in life ,when our focus changes from our goal and path!

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