The golden wings got clipped,

in the course of life’s journey,

flying above and soaring freely,

got forbidden by the destiny…

Was it the long flight …

that I went on…

or the route I chose to be on…?

my feathers now lay fretted ,powerless,

waiting for a soothing balm!



Which sky has the colours,

to paint my wings of thought,

where do I fly back again,

to get my real treasured expressive syndrome!


Beyond the horizon,one day,

 I discover the varicoloured divinity ,

which reflected the cosmos in a view ,

where I could reinstate my lost dignity!

For the loss of self conscience within,

my heart had pined for the divine being,

I had denied and struggled for long,

to get out of this complexity…


Today I stand on the verge of bowing  my head before the Lord,

The  Only One existing ever who knows how to repair my golden wings,

He is the one who had given me the power to fly…

I will take a long flight hence forth…

with a deep plunge in the spiritual river flowing by….


For every dip that I make,

I shall wash off my burdened load,

 further lightening  my feathers …

To enable me for an invoking  compose! 



35 thoughts on “GOLDEN WINGS !

  1. “I will take a long flight hence forth…
    with a deep plunge in the spiritual river flowing by….” I like the confidence in the lines, the determination to stand up to all odds is well laid in here. 🙂

  2. I like how despite the fact that you are describing physical features of the person behind “I”, this remains as spiritual as it can get. I really enjoyed the way you described this spiritual journey.

    1. Thank you Jomul for being on the journey! It actually indicated a transformation of heart or an awakening of a soul when it realizes its fault of running after the unsatisfying desires and forgetting the real one… whereas at last it seeks for that only…

  3. it really brings me into a horizon of your imagination! How we can go deep into the wildest imaginations with poems…with talents like yours…
    Well written Soumyaz…love it as always 🙂

    ~ with bunch of love
    Super G

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