The light dawns upon the earth,

lighting innumerable dark worlds,

which grope in the darkened atmospheres,

dwelling within them sins of jealousy,cruelty and fears…


The illumination is for every nook,

which has been away from the 

 beautiful divine look…

where ignorance rules and 

eradicates love,

for such a place ..

the eternal light always burns!


When will thy luminous presence 

sparkle the souls,

waking up the sleeping psyches,

when will the inner light be alighted,

to shine and twinkle even in darker nights!


For the sinners there is always a hope,

of recuperating the thoughts once  dreadful ,

For such fallers of the path,

the divine hand pulls them out of the morass…

Hate the sins and not the doers,

ablazing a flame of love in each,

the world can be a place of 

lighted flowing creek…




45 thoughts on “ETERNAL LIGHT!

      1. Exactly, that’s what I want to convey, In fact, if we experience something even before we study on it, that’s the perfect education in one’s life.

        Helplessly, the fruit of labourer belongs to his master not to him. I didn’t realise the essence of this Marxian thought until I first joined in a company 😉 I think u got it 🙂

        1. Of course experiences teach us everything in life that chapters of book cannot! even if we read something noble or essential ,it actually gets realized only when we go thru certain levels in the ups and downs of life! For me ,I have life full of such instances which have brought me closer to the reality of such truth!

          1. Yes, me the reader can experience it from ur writing.

            The reader will experience lives not mere hollow words in a work when the writer touches the soul of life. Keep ur good works rolling 🙂

  1. I like how a christian theme informs your poetry. I have struggled with writing poetry based on biblical thought, but now I realize that all writing can easily fit in the scope of the biblical world.
    Thanks for this!

    1. Jomul! first of all thanks for going into the depth! and as every religion or form of worship have the same thought behind,it is easier to take a thought of one and transform it into feeling of another religion.The gist remains the same as devotion is the only thing that connects to every form of worship,whether it is for an idol, for a light, for a monument, for a holy book, for an individual,for an elemnt of nature.Its the thought behind our reverence and teh intensity that gives it a meaning

  2. waking up the sleeping psyches
    LIKE everyone needs there psyche’s to wake up because there is to much turmoil going on in the world right now From Syria to Connecticut. WAKE UP!!!

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