After days of staying away from you,

I heard your voice yesterday noon,

you sounded same as before,

difference was that

you were on a different shore…


Your end had waves sounding lustful romance,

I was on another with the resonating fear,

you could see the beauty and freeness of the tides,

I withdrew from the thought of expressing my vibes…


Once again on opposite shores,

the same sea appeared dissimilar 

for our ardor,

The sound makes you energized,

I absorb them for my silent times…


Your temptations let me think again,

Is this the shore that I had dreamt,

Just at the moment when I realize,

And about to speak of the common tide,

you are nowhere there around,

vanished in the stillness and saffron aura of the  setting sun profound!




33 thoughts on “VANISHED IN THE SAFFRON!

  1. You capture the moment so beautifully. I love the way you expressed their emotions. Just out of curiosity, you write for a random pic or first you have some pen some thoughts and place an apt pic for it?

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