High pitched shrilling notes

tear the softness,

even within rhythmic limits,

affect the musical senses!


Although vibrant 


forcefully they

take you somewhere

away from the euphonic…

to a different land of  disturbing air…

bewildered in the symphony…


Whereas music harmonious 

with the soft subtle notes,

strike within us the chord of melody,

to pervade


positive energy …



the surroundings

with divinity

purifying our mind and heart

for those few

moments of eternal serenity…

37 thoughts on “PITCH OF MUSIC !

  1. Really need to add a “High pitched shrilling notes” to life I believe 🙂 No. Why to add. It’s already playing, high pitch, low pitch N many others too.

    Not a writing, a kind of experience instead 🙂 Cool 🙂

  2. to a different land of disturbing air.
    I have been really trying to conjure this into my music lately. I love the line because it’s a goal I was striving for but had no words for. Only an emotion. This really helped me focus that into something verbal. Thank you!!!!

  3. but sometimes you do need that shrill loud music to bang hard .. just because it has been an awful day and you want it out of ur system ..

    when i am angry or sad thats what I do put the music on full blast ..

    1. yes true! but it all depends on every individual! this was my choice and observation about the selection and the affect it creates! But glad you could get the depth of the meaning behind the lines!

  4. Your words always have a soothing pitch that makes one feel comfortable as they embrace your words, there are always notes that openly say “welcome, please come in”. That is a wonderful gift to be blessed with, and your heart sings it each day so wonderfully to us all! Very nice!

  5. If you feel certain words, which hints as an attachment, then no reasons one can find — music speaks finally. We are surrounded by beats of various exploration, where we live to witness tragedies of life.
    Music has a soul, and it connects uniquely with our nature. Cheers to life, Soumya.

    Blessings and love.

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