The only flower of the garden sways as gentle wind comes its way,

soft petals tilt and stay in the same old structure of the floral lay.

It stands alone in the middle of the greens,

under the blue carpet with white fluffed things…

The gardener toils the soil and waters the stem,

to let the plant flourish and the flower smiles at its care…

It is the flower enhancing the beauty of a  king’s garden,

the centre of attraction of  every walker!

Unaware of the blossomed charm,

the king never spares a minute for a glint,

unnoticed unheeded,

the solitary flower smiles and pleases,

itself and its  heart within,

someday the king will see the scene!

When he will realize the beauty within,

glowing in his garden of dreams…

till then the beguiling one waits,

to have a glance from His Majesty ! one day!

22 thoughts on “THE SOLITARY FLOWER !

  1. The softness of the flower which you have shown, always remind me of the love and care, which one wants and awaits to be noticed by my love, till then I will always wait and will always tender my love & care to her…

    Good one…!! 😉

  2. Such a wonderful way to start my morning, with one of your lovely poems! I loved it Soumyav…so soothing and beautiful…and the aura of the post with the image is so enchanting! Much love to you my sister! Have a very blessed day!

  3. Wow I was moved by the words “the solitary flower smiles and pleases, itself and its heart within”. This is what we need to follow – do good not for external praise but for our inner satisfaction.
    Thanks Soumya for the beautiful poem.
    Cheers 🙂

  4. how can it not bee seen..
    you know when winters are over and spring comes the plants in my garden will start to liven up and then the flowers will come and each time i see a new bud come up , it makes me smile so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  5. Reminded me of my Mom’s craze for flowers and I showed her this poem just now. Nicely written, Soumya. I enjoyed this visit and I think I will be a regular visitor here. 🙂

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