It has been a complete cycle encircling the universe with myriad tones of my feelings,
which instantaneous moment be the one when your heart will acknowledge my communion,
Ignoring and brushing aside the notions that your mind preconceived,
when shall you step out from your shelled enclosed life to adhere to my sphere?
Endless times I expressed the innumerable ways the soul felt,
hoping to hear from you just once the wish that your core had sustained,
An awe always kept you back from expressing the real emotions behind your such state,
Even if I tried to bare my soul in front of you in any postulate!
What holds you back ,when I freed my waves to get intermingled,
will they not get turbulent if you stop them from rising ever,
For they have the nature of flowing freely towards the shore,
Even if to return in seconds with the tidal movements which roar….
The endless cycle of moving and revolving ,rotating and encircling,
Never stops even for a second,
What makes you then halt at once …
When your heart thinks of my loved ensemble?

35 thoughts on “AN ENDLESS CYCLE!

  1. elegant and beautiful, so sentimental also. just wrote about the same meaning but with different words, how come we are that close in thinking. 🙂 …. your words are so intense and affectionate.

  2. hmmmmmmmm a lovely poem..
    till the last line I was going to say .. it is goood it goes round and round .. the problem will come when it halts .. because evolving-learning-circling is what life is ..

    the last line makes it romantic..

    I might have got the complete end of the wrong stick , so sorry about that ..


      1. Thank you.
        regarding the on and on 🙂 I do it often , so be prepared he he he

        I said wrong end of the stick because I am sure you probably had a different idea when writing the poem , which sometimes is difficult to get by a reader, I took the above thought from the poem

        and it is written very nicely indeed

        1. Mostly readers have different opininon for the verses written by me and each one has a different perspective! I never let my thinking inhibit thiers ,as My purpose has already been done while writing! few of it catch the real thought behind my lines..but the others who have altogether differnt ones aren’t wrong too.Its their way and Iam glad they get something from the lines.

  3. What indeed holds us back from expressing our feelings? What is it that makes us enter and remain within our shells? What could be those fears and insecurities that make us put on those masks? How could we unshackle our hearts and intentions?

    Loved the post Soumya…


  4. Well indeed again there is no words left on your writings… Loved it

    You made me feel a part of this.. Sometimes even I have gone through, wherein my friends & roomies are the first who identify my emotions which I am going through..

    They would always tell me to share my feelings within… SO that it gets lighter…

    But always there are some moments In life, which is ought to be shared, and it may happen, even by sharing, it would cause an effect on the other person or it may happen by sharing the same, it may cause them to feel about how degraded I am or how foolish I am..

    Sometimes I feel, its also important to gulp these kind of abrupt unseen/ seen tragedies, rather than sharing the same. No matter what others feel. Its important to consider and understand the prevailing atmosphere and feelings of others to be kept free and unharmed, thereby being quiet at times. 😉

    1. Thank you Shiv for being here again! And Iam glad you enjoyed the writing while the words did flare out some thoughts of yours. I know at times it is hard to open out and vent feelings as on efeels afraid of the consequences and a fear of being mocked or looked dwn cribs in! the thought which your conscience lets you breath in is always correct and can be shared wth people who have a heart to know you more clearly.otherwise any thought shared even a simpler one is often misunderstood. It gets lighter while sharing the disturbing emotions and if your heart knows its right,they should have some way to be out.

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