Law of Nature !








Let the cracking fissures of gigantic rocks ooze out the liquids,

the cracks followed by the continuous waters flowing,

how could the huge ones get crevices…

by a mere stream falling on its premises…


Cutting and piercing the hardened lump,

as if  thrusting and penetrating within the core,

laws of nature leave none aside,

the strongest one also has to surrender before the Nile…


Every object has a role to perform,

a goal unattained to achieve through perfect norms,

contending within , focussing on the purpose,

 is functionality of  every individual…

balance in the ecology then prevails,

equilibrating world’s greatest derange…


22 thoughts on “Law of Nature !

  1. Manu Kurup

    There is only one law. The law of nature… every other man-made laws are just temporary until the nature starts establishing its…

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