Well oriented tailored beak of a tailor bird,

woodpecker or a  parakeet,

defines and establishes its uniqueness …

of the noble function for which it has been picked!








The delicate feathers of the gorgeous peacock,

the strong wings of an eagle,

innumerable  fluttering of the humming bird,

or the long flight of the pigeons…


Every distinctness is adhered,

exclusively for a species or genre,

to proclaim its presence on the earth,

By the very own unknown creator…




Who are we to judge or  equate,

compare the shortcomings or the extra spheres,

For what feather do we have …

is unknown to us and left  to seek to  appear!




18 thoughts on “JUDGE YOUR FEATHERS!

  1. The beauty of the peacock proclaimed its presence on the earth and need to maintain its sustainability.
    Lovely poem of nature.

    With love,

  2. Yet we do compare without understanding the complexities involved in each creature’s nature. Every wing has a life and is meant to be life. 🙂 Fine poem, Soumya.

    1. Very true and we often end up comparing unneccesary things and drawing conclusions and making criticism our motto,where as it should be a self introspection as to where do we stand! thank you Manu for going into the depth!

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