Thanks to GaneshRaam , Maryclever, Snehal ,meholysmile for nominating me for different awards! As I already own those awards ,I will keep this post for the shine on award and the one lovely blog award!









It has been quite late to post this ,but better late than never. Due to limited time and space, I will combine all the awards .

For the rules, the 7 things about me :

  1. Besides writing, drawing is my passion.
  2. Colours and nature fascinate me.
  3. I try to be perfect in whatever I do.
  4. I love games both indoor and outdoor, just time doesn’t allow me to indulge in that.
  5. I was very good at badminton during college days.
  6. My other interests besides all these is music and dance.
  7. I love the science and art of every thing around me.

The nominations:

  1. elamany
  2. mira
  3. pawan
  4. Muzer
  5. vicky
  6. meiro
  7. tea with a pirate
  8. Esenga
  9. saakshi
  10. Rahul
  11. Ganesh ( the other award is for you)
  12. Cristi


And the award goes to….

25 thoughts on “SHOWERING AWARDS!

  1. You truly do deserve these and much more.. Heartiest Congratulations! 🙂 And I see you put my name there too for nomination, many thanks for being so kind and generous for finding my blog worthy enough for the appreciation.. Yay! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Bikramjit for the wonderful comments and reading all the stuff! Thanks for being generous in saying I would be still good! 🙂

  2. congratulations for all the awards … you are the best … and thanks for the nomination … I m honored … you are so kind … thank you dear.
    it is good to know more about you ,,, again, i see we have the same hobbies and interests.

      1. Oh, I m so so sad to hear that, i was looking forward to serve you in a way or the other. this is hard luck to me.
        Actually, yes the situation is not changing. it may change and settle down after referendum on dec 15th, but no one can guarantee!.
        Anyway i wish you a happy vacation, and Egypt is waiting for your next vacation.
        happy all your time dear.

        1. I too feel sad that I had to cancel and we all were awaiting to be there! But cant take chances as its changing everyday! But hope we shall meet some day soon in near futuire and lets hope first the situation at your place gets better faster!

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