Under the vast skies of life and death,

cycle of  evolution never ends,

every being sees mortality veined,

In the deep interior of all the shells…


Seconds few,minutes more,

years for some to explore ,

what did it distill in the precious pour,

when life sublimated in the soul as whole?


Multitudinous thoughts stored,

eroding the real sparkles off the floor,

condensed fumes of smoke of wrath,

deluging minds with muddy slops…


What a waste of  life solemn!

clipping the feathers of  emancipation 

in distress…

a vigilante on the vicious circle,

resignation to the noble volitions,

can sublimate the ..

soul back…

remaining eternal for many years….







13 thoughts on “DISTILLATION

  1. You have to be an engineer to appreciate the title of this post 🙂
    It looks bad when one says “great poem” everytime, so trying my level best to avoid that 😛
    Its amazing when in few lines, a poet sums up so much. Amazing !

    1. Thts is such a wonderful comment! and it really needs more gratefulness to acknowledge the way a poem has been appreciated! Thanks again! 🙂 for understanding the title and liking the poem.

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