This poem is dedicated to  Amany!   as this got generated out of a  conversation with her !

A large  sphere…. small  hemisphere,

poles apart,still connected by the blogosphere,

what an awesome world of unknown identities,

words tie with  the unique bond of destiny….


Like a small village,

having a specific culture,languages different,

but understanding clear!

when something is uttered,

a tear shed or sadness withered,

friends  rush in to comfort with encouraged fervor…


What a world of  invisible stratosphere,

 attachment  emotional,

without meeting in personal,

what a game!


The  words play,

 blogs reflect  outpouring of a heart my dear!

share a laugh, sorrow or a joy to embrace,

want to travel and relax under the heaven,

feel the essence of the nature around,

feeling low,theres something which shall make   you sound…


Wanna read a verse simple,

or analyze the political converse,

missing old days or friends along,

craving for lost love or finding a new one for long…

everything you find here…


Such a great sphere is the world of blogosphere! 

43 thoughts on “BLOGOSPHERE!

  1. A creative podium where a wonderful amalgamation of infinite thoughts is possible without being limited by any so called distance or time 🙂

    Love this one 🙂 ❤

    1. WEll ! Yes coz this passion leads me to write more and more perfectly with different colours! I owe all this to the world of blogging to extract my interest more from me..

  2. Reblogged this on elamany and commented:
    My dear dear blogger Soumya nicely put this poem and painted beautifully a nice description of the blog world. We were talking about strolling, and I imagined that as friends stroll together in the real world; we … bloggers are also strolling around together as we follow, and comment … I do feel so grateful to the blog world getting me to know and follow beautiful souls and read fabulous words as you paint 🙂 I mean write, Soumya …. thank you your words washed away many greifs and soothes all pains.

  3. indeed..! and with words and illustrations we can know each other heart to heart…without even meet..
    a nicely written poem Soumyav.. 🙂

    ~ a bunch of love
    Super G

    1. Yes it is! this world is more beautiful seems more real,with people who yearn for creativity,love,peace and talk through any form of art! less spoken but conveyed completely!

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