What makes one lovable,

looks endearing or

behaviour cordial,

nature compassionate …

quality phenomenal!


What makes one loveable,

words sweeter, or 

formal gesture,

fascinating attire…

or tone melodious…?


What makes one adorable,

lively disposition,

casual outlook formidable,

composed persona,

or killing features?


What makes one lovingly admiring!

It’ s the happiness reflected through the smiles,

the love dispersed by its presence,

one with a pure heart and feelings for everyone …

precious and same…

where in dwells the spirit of life,

shining brightly with all its might,

even in saddest moments of time,

glittering the world with its light,

wading through the troubled waters of time,

holding everyone’s hands with might,

infusing ray of hope within…

where resides fear and despair despite…

Such a soulful charisma,

appeals one and all,

attracting by the  magnetism possessed,

it becomes the most endearing one!




30 thoughts on “What makes one lovable?

  1. A tonic for the troops, that one, Soumyav! Very enjoyable, and I am still laughing! Very uplifting verses..ah..the melodious tone – gets me every time.
    A real dance of words, whispered around the ears, as if I was being pinched each line of this poem!

  2. one thot, what makes other lovable is hidden in your thoughts. the secret is in you not in others (this is what i feel), the seed of the flower is in you and the fragrance is felt outside. 🙂

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