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With love,


Blog of the Year 2012!.








Fields of yellow lilting  blossoms,

delicate , lively life in twinkles,

in the open vibrant atmosphere,

respiring breathing the pure oxygen!!!


Wonder what they would have felt,

if had grown in midst of a city,

noise,fumes,mobs deteriorating..

poor ones would have dried in  a minute…


Lucky they are… to be in the expanse,

Faraway from the lifeless romance,

under the blue skies of abundance,

drenching in the showers of graceful reverberance…


Spreading the innocent  beauty profound,

they love swaying and dancing on the ground,

freely, swinging with the breeze,

gazing and smiling at  everyone around…


Rich beautiful flowers 

every petal  blushes and grins,

the mesmerizing mustard fields of my land…

Fascinate and immerse  every soul that walks across…

these golden bands…














Standing amidst the moving crowd of faces and shadows,

the tall elegant composed persona ,

motionless, stationary,

watching every move of the glamorous and destitute world….


Multitudinous dreams brushing past,

stored and hidden in cores of the heart,

countless figures traversing the path,

which always gets busy or lost…


Life with reflections of  dissimilar  contrasts,

Births of innocent vibes,

deaths of fallen broken ideas,

living of stagnant outlooks,

languishing for a glimpse of true psyche …


The static one sheds a tear,

smiles for a while,

standing amidst the life divine…imploring

the souls walking beside…

to be alive…


Unlike itself,who cannot move,

stuck to the ground for years,

The statue of  a noble Zeus,

cries and weeps for everyone…


My 400th post on WordPress! Iam thankful to everyone who has been here reading,following and being with me! 



















Beads of  light,white and illuminous,

dangling from the top ,

falling like cascade of brightness,

cast a hallucination!


Like a blessing endowed,

grace furnished,

descending on me,

with spell of  luminance…


Gazing above at the suspending streams,

strings of lightings sparkle and gleam,

dazzling my vision and carrying me,

onto a different world of  fantasy.


Awakening simultaneously,

dormant dreams,

of the forgotten  gracious 

and invisible HIM.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful.










There was once a place on earth… an isle… ” Anhydrous isle”…

Surrounded from all sides…with waters and waves white.


No verdure on the place,withered  foliage mundane,

sands ,rocks,pebbles to watch,different landscapes combined in all…


Life  wasn’t anywhere to be seen,

even standing amidst  the expanse of the sea…

So much dryness !

It made me think!

How come the beautiful isle …

never wanted to sink…

in the body of the ripples beside…

how could it be so aloof and dried.


I could sense,it had pulled and shrinked ,

the ends of the island …shrivelled within…

No matter what the nature offered,

remaining dry had become  its deliberate  nature…


Not knowing what it missed,one day everything  changed the myth,

a ship got wrecked near its shore…many were saved ,few abandoned …

one soul swam across the streams,

and reached the isle with a log to save in…

stepping on the isle,it thanked the place and sighed…

 “Oh! so beautiful! this place is divine!”

Hearing these words the  island smiled,

a wave of life ran through its heart and mind…


It too wished now… to be green,

to be more captivating and serene…

It opened the veins of its heart,

allowing the waters to flow inside like darts,

rushing and gushing everywhere,

the islet became a life of  inhabitants…


“The Anhydrous Isle” became an adorable one,

opening the gates of its enclosure,

absorbing the wet waves of emotions,

It became beautiful and moistened…






You registered on 1 years ago!   Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!

So! My blog completes 365 days here on WordPress! Rather disbelieving,for when I registered and started blogging,I just had posted one or two posts for almost three months. then one more around in Jan .It was only in March that I went ahead and increased my rate of posting here. Gradually it became a daily routine and now today the most essential and passionate work for me.




For you can imagine,over 350 poems published in a span of one year ,with the followers and the people who love to read my verses grew to 360+ ,excluding my followers on any other social networking site..I dont pull the crowd and the numbers here, so I leave it to them to join here if they wish. And an amazing number of 32500+ views from every corner of the world..with more than 5000 comments! 

Its the love and the warmth ,the inspiration and the ever green encouragement over here on WordPress that has kept me going on till now and shall further… 

Thanks to everyone,every reader who reads even a  few lines of mine  and can feel the feeling.

Best wishes to all of you! 




Smiles within the heart of my love,

reflecting on the corners of my cheek bones,

sending a wave of happiness to the core,

eyes twinkling with adorable amor!


The sun is hidden behind the veil,

of the gorgeous grey nimbus,

peeping in between,reaching the earth

on the ray of silver sprayed gun…


What a spellbinding panorama  I see!

here in front of my boundaried vision of  lens

gratifying images of jewels dancing in

the sky and its virtual envisage….


Imprisoning the vista  so bewitching,

I move aside my locks of hair,

the touch of my fingers speak,

my soul is missing you ,my dear!


Engrossed in self,

where hath thou!

I await for your shining lustre,

Come back and rain here my cloud,

For the heart is burning with desire…



Creating topics for me to reinforce back the reduced passion of writing since the last few days,    tagged me in this wonderful challenge to give me a chance to come out of  inertia!


Well! I have to host a dinner party! And thats always been  my favourite! 🙂 Only that the guests were always  friends ,relatives or somewhat new acquaintances and believe me Iam a wonderfully perfect host! The challenge lies here in the guests list which is completely different!

The dinner is a simple affair:

– Five guests and myself . While relatives are permitted, it will be more interesting if guests are public figures – dead or alive, speaking any language – or even fictional characters.

– In turn, tag five others to hold Virtual Parties of their own.

The dinner would be held in the beautiful cozy hall with candlelights,although its not a romantic night! I would prefer having candles all over the place lighting up and creating the aura! People tend to open up more easily in dim light! rather than the brightness ,so to let everyone be comfortable and relaxed ,this would be the  perfect ambience.

For the Menu! It would be an ambrosia with the real nectar as a drink! 🙂

My guests of honour shall be arriving soon and here is their list as I welcome them on board with a fresh bouquet of wonderful exotic flowers!

MY 1st GUEST would be my Lord! without whom I cannot think of any occasion or ceremony! So for you all ! He is Krishna! According to Bhagavata Purana, Krishna was born without a sexual union, but by divine “mental transmission” from the mind of Vasudeva into the womb of Devaki.He is considered to be an incarnation of Vishnu, the Ultimate hindu God. All art forms that are found in India whether it is  dance ,paintings,scriptures,prose,literature are inspired by the life and divine presence of Krishna.His life is full of inspiration which if understood gives a clarity in our thoughts and living.

He can be a true conversationalist,as he is a good diplomat has the knack of twisting words to form rephrasing and an everknown statuette of  love and divinity. Being a prince ,he has his own charms and as an eternal musician ,his flute shall mesmerize the other guests and me like anything. A perfect one to be with  in all sense!

MY 2nd guest would be THE SINGING NIGHTINGALE OF INDIA- Lata Mangeshkar .She has a golden voice never to be forgotten. An evening with her would surely add a beautiful aura to the atmosphere ,for music shall be eternal then . Lata Mangeshkar is an Indian singer, and occasional music-composer. She is one of the best-known and most respected playback singers in India. Mangeshkar’s career started in 1942 and has spanned over six and a half decades.

My 3rd prominent guest is INDIRA GANDHI,the most powerful woman and the first Prime Minister  of India.She  remains as the world’s second longest serving female Prime Minister as of 2012and the only one  to have declared state of emergency in order to ‘rule by decree’ ..A multi faceted personality,who was deprived of a normal childhood due to the political activities of her parents,Jawaharlal Nehru and Kamla Nehru..It would be interesting to have her as a special guest ,where she interacts openly as how has her country changed and the world too in these years.Had she been there what would have been the condition and the difference in  India now?

My 4th special guest is William Wordsworth. The famous Romantic poet of all times.Wordsworth was Britain’s Poet Laureate from 1843 until his death in 1850.He married four times and its interesting to know what would have been his psychological conditions when he went through all the traumas of losing his wife and then again falling back in love.The zeal of moving on and the zest to live carries on such artists and writers to create historical creations… The Daffodils who would be the cherry on the top to hear from him. His inspirations,depressions,complexes and the homesickness he had when he went to Germany would sure be a delight to listen to alongwith what triggered him more to write!

My 5th guest would be Emperor Ashoka,who has been a significant ruler an d the most powerful kings of India from his kingdom spread upto the boundaries outside India from Afghanistan to Bangladesh!.He fought innumerable wars,and and is known to have flooded the paths by bloodshed in the historical War of kalinga.What transformed him into embracing Buddhism will be so touching to hear in his own words.The incidents and experiences shall be worth listening and inspiring for anyone who has a  spiritual bent of mind.

The combination would be a exhilarating one,, Gandhi having a world around her,with the Majestic Emperor analysing what would have been his place ,had he been born now in this present age…Wordsworth enjoying his own words, Lata to immerse the occasion with her melodious melody   ..and above all the Lord himself…. having a look at the scenario happening! His creations.all different in every respect in front of him.

The 5 bloggers who I am going to tag are as below: whom I want to be a part of this lovely challenge who will be hosting a dinner for another 5 personalities.


Subhan Zein… , the modern voice of Rumi and Gibran!

Millie… ,  The beautiful entrepreneur with clarity in soulful thoughts .

Archana…, A maverick of her own world of emotions…

Shalini…., The new strong voice of todays! 

Tapish… , Beautiful tempering of thoughts about life…,


Best wishes to all of you! 

Birthday wishes to my dad!




Sending past the large ocean of life,

rememberances cherished forever,

since the moment I was born…

with tinge  of joy and tear…


The firm hold which guided me,

to overcome every flaw of destiny,

the courage as  instilled in me ,

to fight and challenge the challenge indeed!

The dynamism that I inherited

 from the virtues of  his being,

the small footsteps I took…

retracing his marks left unseen….


The love for unknown I derived ..

from his devotional being,

the self surrender which I saw,

imbibed in me the value of THEE…


Kindness a jewel of his quality,

I endowed myself with clarity,

the urge to do the impossible ..

I learnt to seek from his striving…



precious virtues he posssesses,

Be in sports,in music or work,

I learnt the importance of the graces…


Orator,learner,singer,or performer,

lover of arts ,a rare being,

Leaving everything else  behind,

he took a step in the metals ring…


Keeping everything else apart,

the selfless devotion that he imparts,

is the greatest blessing for me ,

To be born as the darling daughter of him…









Silver clinking anklet with drops of small filigree designs,

touches the silvery soft  skin,

kissing and embracing the softness …

echoing the harmonious tones in benign…


Worth  it is of  adoration,

ravishing image of the steps,

beautifying the view…

in decorum with elegance …


On a  firm base ,it resounds like melody,

reverberating into depths of infinity,

loose sands absorb the sound profound,

negligible becomes… its existence in the golden particles around…


Embellishing the curves and corners,

gracing the contours with ardor,

somatic beauty in splendour,

The tinkling  anklets are valuable!


Strong footing, delicate ankling,

an ornament of beauty 

like a jewel bedecking…

along with the silver anklet kissing…

The steps of a woman become divinely intrinsic!