The golden auburn tresses, curly locks entwined,

moving with soft breeze and tingled whenever they shied,

fingers ran through …got caressed themselves…

rejuvenating life and my senses…


Close to her ,

feeling the breath pristine,

I still yearned for their touch,

for they made me feel divine…


Sometimes a word of conflict,

made us turn away,

but a touch of  that  flickered cascade,

left us in a soft embrace…


 My soul misses  the moments of such ardor,

When my day began by kissing the beautiful hair,

night being its espouse…

I  today possess only a  moment clicked… in hands,

For it has been twenty years when she left  me dying  in those strands…


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34 thoughts on “PICTURE IT AND WRITE !

  1. Shocks the senses..the whole first stanza is a joy to the tongue of someone who whispers your words while reading – then reads again and lets the meaning melt in…;;flickered cascade” and so many other expressions are just so seductive – your writing seduces..absolutely…and I knew, because I know the mastery of your story telling, that there would be that sting coming, at the end..

    1. Iam touched the way you read and summarize the verse and also the way you already presumed the end!
      I didn’t knew myself,I would end it like this nor that I would write a poem for this picture,for which you all have written fabulous posts!

  2. Beautiful words that caress the image leaving memories dancing lively to be enjoyed over again, those times when the golden locks were always embraced with a tender love. Well written Soumyav!

  3. “My soul misses the moments of such ardor,
    When my day began by kissing the beautiful hair,
    night being its espouse…”

    Absolutely beautiful. I hope to one day find someone who starts the morning in a similar manner.

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