There was once a place on earth… an isle… ” Anhydrous isle”…

Surrounded from all sides…with waters and waves white.


No verdure on the place,withered  foliage mundane,

sands ,rocks,pebbles to watch,different landscapes combined in all…


Life  wasn’t anywhere to be seen,

even standing amidst  the expanse of the sea…

So much dryness !

It made me think!

How come the beautiful isle …

never wanted to sink…

in the body of the ripples beside…

how could it be so aloof and dried.


I could sense,it had pulled and shrinked ,

the ends of the island …shrivelled within…

No matter what the nature offered,

remaining dry had become  its deliberate  nature…


Not knowing what it missed,one day everything  changed the myth,

a ship got wrecked near its shore…many were saved ,few abandoned …

one soul swam across the streams,

and reached the isle with a log to save in…

stepping on the isle,it thanked the place and sighed…

 “Oh! so beautiful! this place is divine!”

Hearing these words the  island smiled,

a wave of life ran through its heart and mind…


It too wished now… to be green,

to be more captivating and serene…

It opened the veins of its heart,

allowing the waters to flow inside like darts,

rushing and gushing everywhere,

the islet became a life of  inhabitants…


“The Anhydrous Isle” became an adorable one,

opening the gates of its enclosure,

absorbing the wet waves of emotions,

It became beautiful and moistened…





42 thoughts on “THE ANHYDROUS ISLE

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  1. The island feels like a metaphor for a stoned, lonely heart. So beautifully captured…the emotions and imagery sink in our veins indeed. You are a genius! This poetry snuggled sweetly in the corner of my heart. Loved it!

  2. This is an important parable in verse for schools and groups – and it is a parable, there’s no mistaking that. There is not only beauty to be found in your heart,Soumyav, but also lessons imparted from your lips and fingertips

    1. Thanks a lot for mentioning it as a parable and liking it. I never thought of that while writing,just went ahead with the thought when I heard of anhydrous…I thought the word matches and defines more with a thing which is surrounded byy wetness and gt the word Isle to it…And so went on..

      1. I think it is a very thoughtful parable with its message. It almost felt spoken thus the lips comment, and indeed should be spoken – thus schools and groups – but till then its just the fingertips at the keyboard!

  3. Splendid as always, Soumya. The pictures are such mark-leaving and so are your words like bright sunlight. Keep writing.


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