Smiles within the heart of my love,

reflecting on the corners of my cheek bones,

sending a wave of happiness to the core,

eyes twinkling with adorable amor!


The sun is hidden behind the veil,

of the gorgeous grey nimbus,

peeping in between,reaching the earth

on the ray of silver sprayed gun…


What a spellbinding panorama  I see!

here in front of my boundaried vision of  lens

gratifying images of jewels dancing in

the sky and its virtual envisage….


Imprisoning the vista  so bewitching,

I move aside my locks of hair,

the touch of my fingers speak,

my soul is missing you ,my dear!


Engrossed in self,

where hath thou!

I await for your shining lustre,

Come back and rain here my cloud,

For the heart is burning with desire…


22 thoughts on “PANORAMA : OUTER AND INNER!

  1. your heart’s words … rays of sunlight … tickling smiles awake …. a beautiful poem from a beautiful poet : ) thank you!

  2. Your words move a heart in the most delicate and tender ways, reminding one of how deep is the love that lives within your heart! Beautifully written Soumyav…as only you can do! Have a wonderful weekend!

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