Silver clinking anklet with drops of small filigree designs,

touches the silvery soft  skin,

kissing and embracing the softness …

echoing the harmonious tones in benign…


Worth  it is of  adoration,

ravishing image of the steps,

beautifying the view…

in decorum with elegance …


On a  firm base ,it resounds like melody,

reverberating into depths of infinity,

loose sands absorb the sound profound,

negligible becomes… its existence in the golden particles around…


Embellishing the curves and corners,

gracing the contours with ardor,

somatic beauty in splendour,

The tinkling  anklets are valuable!


Strong footing, delicate ankling,

an ornament of beauty 

like a jewel bedecking…

along with the silver anklet kissing…

The steps of a woman become divinely intrinsic!

27 thoughts on “ANKLETS !

  1. I just fainted!
    Not something a man usually does, I agree, but…
    ..and..if this is what you write when creativity is struggling, please let that happen again..(without wishing it on you of course)
    In this work of art of yours I understood poetry can also mean sculpture, Beautiful, and beautiful sounds heard while reading, those soft tinkling of bells.

    1. And you made me smile and laugh! when I read your comment! Dnt know how to react! I mean it was just another piece to write when I could nt think of anything else..,but you made it look beautiful and gorgeous by your comments.Thanks for liking and encouraging!

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