The weather is changing here. The hot torrid summers now transforming into cool evenings and pleasant mornings. During the day ,the sun still burns scorchingly as it always does! Might be it is  his nature!

The cool breeze in the morning has changed the atmosphere over here. Jogging tracks and parks too are packed up with the fitness freaks and the usual ones who continuously strive to shed the extra kilos…

For me! I am happy for the change in the climate..But there’s something that Iam losing my focus for.

Since the past few days due to the hectic schedules for the festivities and the social and family obligations, I have been not able to write anything that I feel could touch my heart. 

Just a need to be in touch with the blogs makes me write some lines. But I know they are just few lines which are my thoughts and I have n’t been able to write anything that actually would make me feel contended.

Lack of time, lack of concentration… no solitude to ponder on anything …or  a state of inertia ,where inspiration isn’t felt. Whatever the reason Iam waiting for the moment when I can once again  express my feelings in the most elegant and heart rendering words,which will first of all touch me and inspire me to write more… and end up my discontentment.

Till then I would continue with the normal casual write ups…

19 thoughts on “DISCONTENTMENT

  1. your posts are always touching dear,, dont worry, you ll be back,, this happens a lot > a mental block, for a while and you ll return, have fun and remember the quote > whatever you are doing do it fully 🙂 Happy Festival

    1. Thanks Amany! your words are always full of life and hope..I think am too drained out and tired to think of any thoughts and write about it..and so feel the posts that i have written and posted aren’t that good nor do I feel them closer to my heart…anyways thanks again

  2. It happens very regularly in the life of a person of heart and words! Not always do we find the sky breaking don onto your paper! Not always do we find the same old breeze touching us! It’s the time that demands a lot of patience! Then something happens and touches you that makes you write!
    Don’t feel low about it, for it is quite natural! And you are writing what you feel! You aren’t simply jotting down some words! Let the feeling be refresh again!
    Awaiting eagerly for you next stannza! 🙂

    1. Thank you for saying those words.I know its hard sometimes when ther’s nothing to think or write about or rather ponder on! MIght be we get more confused by situations or just get statued in the condition,when everything freezes. Hope the phase goes out soon. 🙂

  3. It is always really wonderful to see a new post of yours, my friend. Even if there’ s a bit of time in between. And while waiting for the new flights your thoughts would have taken there’ s always a possibility to enjoy the ones you’ ve created before.

    1. So NIce of you to say so! its really wonderful to have friends like you who wait for the posts and read them… unfortunately I always write and post instantly ,most of the times without editing..due to lack of time… and hence when I am running out of thoughts ,its difficult to write or actually write better..and hence I feel .Iam not being upto the mark..

  4. Go with the flow Soumyav, not against it. A marathon runner cannot run a marathon again until his/her body is fully recuperated, even if s/he wants to.
    No need to fight it. Just introduce some change into your lifestyle – food maybe, or just something a few times – this will serve to trigger creativity. For fun try one or two haiku challenges, even under a pseudonym, or different name. Guest blog if you want, about metals, metal powder on my blog. Personally, I ONLY write poetry to relax. I see my other writing as the real one, the prose – you might see the reverse, and relax doing the reverse…
    Stay in touch! ,

    1. Thank you so much for the wonderful thoughts and the suggestions.Sure I want to go with the flow and get the best. Iam humbled with everything that you suggested and adviced…Its indeed touching to have people like you as my friends here. 🙂

    1. Hey ! thanks for tagging and letting me in this challenge! its a pretty different one ! and seems interesting! shall try to live upto the mark! and once again Iam honoured and lucky that you considered me.,;-)even though poets weren’t supposed to be there as you felt! Thanks for the consideration!

  5. Sometimes normal casual write-ups can prove to be the best as they might be the product of a smooth stream of thoughts… just like this post. 🙂
    We as your readers are happy if you write… prose or poem, I guess everybody is happy knowing all of us are still around, doing good. Keep on writing Soumya. 🙂

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