Figuring out the thoughts in mind,

pondering on what should I write!


Every thing seems lost in my festival time!


Hectic schedule, running on toes,

in sleep too I get confused

and rose…

In the midst of the night,

only to find I am over excited and full of delight!


New land, different country,

Faraway from friends and relatives,

still the emotions flow and purge within,

The love to decorate the home,

cook and give the best cuisine more….


Even amidst the chores beautiful,

busier than the normal schedule,

I miss the world of blogging ,

the dear ones who encourage and are inspiring!


After hours long and at a stretch,

while I lie back very late,

almost dead and fatigue,

fragrance of my feelings intoxicate my being!


Dreams about the blogs missed,

what others might have posted,

the wishes of the friends unseen…

still having more warmth with feel…


Awaiting for some time  free,

when I can sit and read the pings,

reconnecting back to the world,

The land of dreams and passion untouched…



38 thoughts on “MY BLOGGING WORLD!

      1. O thank you ,,, you are so kind ,, yes it is the new Higri year,,, happy festival busy like a bee.. happy like a butterfly 🙂 …. happy all your times .. thank you.

  1. Wonderful, my dear! I can really relate being in the middle of work a bit more than usually lately and having less time for other things. So happy to have those moments when I can get back to the blog and get inspired from the people like you. 🙂

  2. You are awesome. You really conveyed through your poem that how much you missed our blogging world. Thoughts coming to your mind…
    Just read your previous post and I’m very happy that you now have a Hindi blog. I’m sure I’ll love your Hindi poems as much as i do with your present poem.
    Keep going. Keep smiling !
    🙂 😀 😉

  3. Take it as positive. I feel really pleased and glad when i see your comments in my blog. I hope you too do feel something similar. May be in this populated blogging world there are many, but you are one of my favourites. You write beautiful poems. Even i have saved your blog url in my mind, ya that’s true. Good people are always there in mind.

  4. “in sleep too I get confused
    and rose…
    In the midst of the night,
    only to find I am over excited and full of delight!..” Excatly what happens, and I end concluding that I have gone lunatic!
    Love to hear from you, all about you…your poem proved that the poets and writers, too are normal people, not as people visualise, “a person with no connection to world, a big bag on a shoulder, big long moustach/beard/hair and some books in the hand…”

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