Festival of lights…

Its Diwali today ,the colourful festival of lights..
Light -a source which expels darkness and illuminates our surroundings and us.

In Indian culture , traditional diyas are used to light up every home .

Every corner,every door and each passage is lighted!

True! a corner always needs more light than anything else,for the corners always reamian in dark whether in mind or heart.

Today I just want to wish all my fellow bloggers A very happy Diwali and would love to share the celebration at my homeplace…

With light ! O! LOrd!

Bestow on us the divine grace,

For we grope in darkness..

and keep falling more!….

With your Gracious presence ..

we shall be endowed

with a ray to illuminate our souls…

51 thoughts on “HAPPY DIWALI

      1. Thanks..I m waiting for Holi…
        more colors, more fun and specially”more food”!!!
        I love the traditional sweets of Holi….yumm..

        😀 I am really “bhukkad”

  1. Hi Soumya,
    Beatiful pics. Thanks for sharing them with us. It is nice to see your sweet daughter with here cute mother. My loving greeting to your sweet little daughter 🙂

      1. it was a hard week because of so many things,, enough it is the exams season at my university,,, fortunately, we have 2d as vacation thursday and friday.
        thank you soo much Soumya, you are so kind, missed your poems a lot.

    1. Thank you so much for going through this! Iam glad you could know about this festival from my post! its the most important one of India,where the every nook and corner of a city,town,village,house is decorated and lighted up with lights,specially made from mud clay,filled with oil in it and wick is burnt .This traditional way of lighting gives a different aura to the atmosphere than the usual electrical lights..

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