Components   of the Eternal ,

constituted with his elements,

pure and divine …

shall always be!

Far away from the evil..

and its addicting nature within…


Sent as mortal beings,

the immortal souls ,

with embodied figures!

to learn and experience,

the world over beneath!


Fruit sweet and poisonous,

warned by gods ,

to the earthly dears…

consumed and absorbed by the fears,

transforming the eternal ones…

into mere mortals of this Universe..


Dripping along the curves,

drops of ecstatic nectar,

essence of perfumed florets invariable…

watery vapours in the atmosphere,

evaporating …

in the air…

with the rising phenomenon…

rhythm gentle,

changes to vibrant layers,

souls merge ..

as one in a sphere…

oneness known,

ne’er by the body and soul ,

ages since it birthed …

on earth from heaven!


But Alas! the mind never knew,

this wasn’t the only truth,

Wisdom brightened the way for some ..

who knew and realized the inner view,

walking on the path divine …

assimilating with the Elysian as anew!

26 thoughts on “THE AEONIAN STORY

  1. I wonder if time could go backwards, and they hadn’t given in to temptation what might have happened. I guess we could ask them personally. I wonder how the world would have held us all if no one had sinned and everyone lived forever. Hmmm.

  2. This is deep, deep, deep…but I do like the sound of the drops of nectar dripping along the curves…you made it too tantalising!..there is a bit of a devil in me after all! Only teasing, the poetry is breathtaking in depth.

    1. Thank you very much for liking this and going in the depth! this one represents everything in it…. from our existence,to the luring and the real essence..and purpose.

  3. Illuminating words, with heavenly bestowed in each…every line, every verse more beautiful than the last! It is a pleasure to embrace your words this morning my sister. Your gift is so very precious…God bless!

  4. This got me thinking how often we fall complacent to lower states of existence that makes us forget the purity and divinity to which we have been called to. This is beautiful indeed!

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