“Come back”,

Spreading his arms he beckons!,

“Embrace me with your presence,

Without you , its just a waste,

of life and the glittering pleasures…”


“Don’t turn your back”,

He pleads,

“I will listen to your suggestions,

deriving joy from simple things..

will  now be my natural behaviour…”


” How do I convince you of my promise and decision,”

He utters ,

“Finally after so many setbacks ,

I have learnt this gist of nature…”


“Stay here with me in my heart for ever,

I shall spread thy radiance ,

around me and the ones who need ,

the very everlasting joy  in large measures…”


She turns around,

Rushes back  to  be in his arms,

getting absorbed in his soul,

He smiles and rejoices the moment ,


 The beautiful HAPPINESS  sojourns

in his heart forever…






23 thoughts on “HAPPINESS

  1. Making your characters speak directly in this poem was the best thing you could do..! And, just between you and me soumyav, this wonderfully warm verse, with its dramatic stanzas make me want to hold someone in my arms very much! You do know how to talk to people!

  2. Oh! Please come back……the embrace would heal us and make us inhale the smiles again!
    This is such a positive poem dear….so beautifully written. Indeed, we shud find happiness in the smallest things of life and if we make that promise then we will realise that happiness was always around us….had never left.

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