Heavily cladded with intrinsic ornaments, lustrous hair touching the lower knees,

the cascades that swayed with the wind, a smile that killed many beings,

stepping like an angel of dreams as she walks past the palace and its royal beams,

brocades on ends of the silken fabric worn,riches bedecking blinding the dawn,

crystal eyed,with glittering looks, ravishing beauty the princess looked….

She is the  FIRE.

In the jungles deep and far,a silhouette gracefully moves amidst the trees,

behind the leaves it leaves a glimpse,

trembling hairs , unkempt curls,sweetness in eyes innocence unfurls,

peaceful smile that emerged from the core,touching hearts of everyone like a folklore,

words of wisdom seldom uttered,peace beneath glows the earth…

She is the  EARTH.

Under the streams of thousand waterfalls, amidst the ocean of  pearls ,

Suddenly appears an angelic form,

stepping on the stones loftily she moved,

golden tresses bounced when she looked,

deep blue transparent gaze,watery and reflected the daze,

a grin around the corner of the lips,dimple appeared slowly within,

Like a mermaid she slides away in her coherent gown of  luminous shades…

She is the  WATER.

On the floating clouds in the contrasting  azure,

soars a heavenly being of perpetual splendour,

serene eyes ,shimmering grandeur,

silvered braids reflecting detour,

calm and tranquil aura, harmonized way of going around the flora,

Like a fairy she sits and twirls, amazing onlookers in a maze of twists and turns…

She is the  AIR.       

To which element do you belong,

one that rules you and your sun strong,

traits of which reflect your nature,

amongst the four elementary forms?

24 thoughts on “FOUR ELEMENTS

  1. It is one of the best, and the words are simply settled in harmony of nature. I love how it is written in parts, defining each element.

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