Magical and mystical, beautiful yet difficult,

smooth roads ,higher terrains,

high peaks , deep valleys…

this journey of life…

melodious ..and intense with poignance …


Every birth thou came  along,

to hold my hand and lead me everywhere,

like a child I followed you…

within the heart or in this atmosphere…


The times when thou appeared before,

manifesting the whole universe to the core,

I blindly surrendered to you ! My lord  ! 

my ego to which I adhered…









It has been ages since you left ..

the earth and thy earthly form,

I miss My Master those golden  days!

when I didn’t had to sulk for anything that went wrong…


For thou  presence overshadowed the things,

whatever that life brings..

the only ones that the  eyes could see..

was the Eternal  Divine embodied …


The days when you were home,

rejoiced the heart and was enthusiastic more,

worries and sadness,

I had dumped at your feet …

to be trampled… and never think about it….


Born  on the soil of this  earth…

O! Master you mastered the roles,

As a mother you hath  cared,

as a father you hath taught,

as a guide you showed me the path…

like navigator you steered …

Sublimating my thoughts in the revered pleasure…


Am I walking down the right path,

Asks the inner voice! today

An augur  from thou,

Shall change everything,

the life and the universe,

Wiping out the  destitution that is around …


I yearn for that empyrean instant,

when my encephalon  touches  ..

the dust where thy  feet   just got embossed…

My spirit always awaits for 

the blessing that can bestow…

a glimpse of thy magnificent  figure!



21 thoughts on “MOMENTS WITH MY MASTER !

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  2. O’ Soumya that’s beautifully painted & if your spirit had missed any right word, your choice for the last image has grabbed the right path… the flower of life

    Love & Light

  3. You are a very clever poet, Ms soumyav, very clear! In your message there are different emotions…they say in every image there are 1,000 words, but in your words there are 1,000 images. I am struck by the beauty of your thought, but also by the literary references, the sadness, humour and sensuality – humour in your humbleness, and sensuality in your earthiness..the last line puzzles me so..and still…but its nice to be puzzled…very, because it opens doors. This is a poem written by a woman who is not afraid of emotions like us men can be.

  4. Thank you very much for going in depth and getting th feel of all the emotions.. . This one is hard to be imagined and deciphered as it is written on true experience. To understand it fully one has to walk on that path and then can get the feel of it. Still you tried to get everything that you could out of it. Thanks for all the compliments.

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