Language of love

“I owe this to you,”

screamed a voice,

unheeding  the shadow vanished…

following the steps and the marks left behind,

a whining noise went ahead to search in the night…


Through  different bends and twists,

on the pavements ,

beside the inns,

wading through coloured lights,

also in darkness…

Still not found…

pondered he  in wilderness…

tired ,and exhausted,

thirsty and wearied,

he sat down on the …green grasses and weeds,

for few moments he closed eyes and thought,


noises and shouts opened his eyes and he was shocked,

startled to see it was morning,

he had been lying here,

since hours unending…


Confused and thoughtless,he retraced back 

his steps and the ones he had wanted to trace ,

As the house approached near,

the heartbeats went on more and more faster with fear,

apprehending abuses and sadness within,

he stood in the passage of the house’s rear…


Suddenly he heard a voice known,

sprightly he jumped off from the floor,

dashing ahead to the living room,

he found Ron sitting on the bag of bean…


Reaching him and getting near,

his eyes got wet …

he licked and licked till Ron brushed aside,

caressing his collar black and white,

“What happened my boy,

where were you last night”…

I came back just after few minutes of fight..

I had hurt her,my love of life ,

 so how could I leave, in  a spite

but you were nowhere to be seen…


Mute tears flowed through Whisper’s eyes,

those spoke the language of care and love…


Who said animals cannot speak…

They have their own language to weep! 



39 thoughts on “Language of love

  1. O’ Soumya you’ve taken me with smiles to relive moments of real joy to bring me back with tears…
    Empty is my home since I lost my “Spark”…:'(

    Peace & Light

    1. I can understand Mira the joy and then the void you must have felt while going thru this.. That is the magical love they provide ,without even speaking our language..

  2. More humane than humans. This is how I perceive animals and your words make me feel stronger about this all the more. Heart warming it is and so beautifully expressive 🙂 Reminds me of the movie ‘Marley and me’ 🙂

  3. Pawan Hira

    Ecology is about balance, and humans should learn from other beings. We can process multiple feelings, and yet we are not in touch with real emotions that is within. Animals are instinctive, and we should observe that. I’m glad you felt and wrote about them. 🙂

  4. What a wonderful poem! searched and searched through the words I read as I went through the poem, and thought…’where is she taking us, our soumyav?’ Then…suddenly, you told us! Very nice, very clever!

  5. This is soooooo touching…….and protrayed in such a clever and elusive way…one doesn’t know unti one reaches the last few lines. I enjoyed it immensely. Now, feel like getting a pet….definetely, they are more loyal than humans!!!

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