For every loving daughter!  Few words from the  heart of a mother! My daughter is very small ,but today I wish to post about daughters from each corner of the world who have adorned their parents house with love and affection by their presence…



















On a blessed morning ..the golden voice I heard,

sweet as honey,

melodious as cardinal,

dazzling the surroundings by  your presence…

with  an aura you welcomed in our lives,

the sphere of happiness to rejoice…








Crawling tender knees …moving the places,

turning,changing sides was a so  picturesque,

with small steps you gradually toddled,

falling and shaking on our nuances…


Golden straws of the blue expanse ,

you picked up  up with love,

to build our home,

bonding , attaching every string amongst everyone!


Small tiny  fingers held,

the pencil,the pen wherever they went,

colouring,painting,writing dreams,

books to read and more to examine…









Like beautiful bud, you blossomed,

swaying freshness with tranquil pleasure,

fragranced petals of your life,

will soon be carried away from our life…


Bedecking the world of someone you love,

far away to a different world,

the golden straws that you had brought..

still lie there even in drought…

missing your gentle touch of affection…

and your echoing laugh unsung…


the garden of our life…

seems lonely without your smile…

But somewhere we are contended…for 

our little girl,

is now somebody’s wife! 


adorning his world,

tying new strings…

busy again in her own beings…

with her little ones to watch…


A new nest of warm nestle,

with cuddled little ones of her dreams,

The little one now upkeeps this life,

to bring sprightliness in  everyone’s smile…







  1. what a wonderful poem, thoughts and wishes…. and your little sweet daughter is an angel dear.
    I like that part:
    far away to a different world
    the golden straws that you had brought
    still lie there even in drought
    and also >>> the garden of our life ….
    it caught me whole
    bless your little daughter and every daughter … thank you

    1. Thank you dear for all the wishes and blessings! Yes! I just imagined the way every parent feels , as a daughter is born,she grows,smiles and finally moves away.

  2. Sweet and Beautiful! I love the way you wrote it. I don’t have a daughter but I am a daughter, reminds me of how I grew up and the way my parents took care of me, the way I cling to my father when going out in a vacation.

    1. Thank a lot dear! It means a lot when being a daughter you could feel this..I feel happy I succeeded to some extent in reflecting the feelings…

  3. For this I love you! Beautiful poetry,…and daughters…all our daughters, what jewels, what pearls, what precious beauty…as a father of three wonderful daughters I appreciate your words so much! We will read this together tonight, daughters and I, their grumpy old father!…

  4. Late I am! But I am glad I didn’t miss a thing about my Princess! She is so very beautiful! And her presence in your poetry is a reason more than anything else for this poem to be beautiful! 🙂

  5. Not fair saumya… brought tears in my eyes by the last three stanzas!
    It’s so touching and lovely…..quite a tribute to a daughter.
    Btw, your daughter is a cutie-pie….ultra-adorable!

    1. Sorry Suri! could not help it,was trying to write about every daughter,and the way the parents feel and think about her… mine is too young..but perhaps I shall go thru the same someday..

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